Observations on Submission

By Chester McCalley


Having been a pastor for over thirty-five years, I believe I have been able to make some observations concerning things referred to in the word of God that hopefully reflect good wisdom. Since each point is not supported by a passage of unmistakable clarity, the following observations are meant to be “good sense” comments, not dogmatic assertions.


Where submission is required, input should be sought. Any wise manager seeks the input of those he manages. A husband who seeks the input of his wife is not weak; he is wise.

Where submission is required, the right of appeal should be grant ed. Having a divinely given right and responsibility of leadership does not mean one always makes the right demands. A husband should not regard his wife or children unsubmissive just because they make an appeal concerning the wisdom of his decision.

When the input or the appeal is correct and legitimate, ones request should be modified.

The requirement of submission is not a license for a husband to have his own way all of the time—submission is not slavery.


Do not marry an unbeliever.

Do not marry an immature believer. Remember, the marriage of two believers can end up in divorce as well as those of unbelievers.

Do not marry a man who must have his own way. There are cer- tain men who cannot sustain a relationship unless they can control every aspect of it. They operate on the “sit, fetch” principle. We all can get along quite well with others when we get our own way;  but a woman should always ask, What does he do when he does not get his own way? Or, How does he act under unpleasant circumstances?

Do not marry a man who is threatened by your accomplishments or who does not desire and work for your success as a person. [ts_fab authorid="360"]