A Walk through the Tabernacle

The tabernacle is an exact shadow of the throne room of heaven itself.  Lets walk  through the tabernacle into the holiest of all - lets draw near together into the intimacy of God revealed in Jesus.

Brazen Altar

The first thing we see is the brazen altar for the burnt offerings. I want to get to the holiest of all but the altar is in the way. We have to walk through the altar to get to God, lets present ourselves as living sacrifices, come on, lets grab hold of its horns. Thank you for sprinkling my heart from an evil conscience with your incorruptible blood, it’s my reasonable service to present myself to You. Lord I present myself as a living sacrifice, let your consuming fire burn away all of me. Take away my skin, take away my protection, I place them there for You, let me be vulnerable in front of You. Burn in my heart to be my deepest desire. Let the  aroma of  Christ be a sweet savor to You so I can draw close to You and You will draw close to me. Thank you  for placing me in your Son, and thanks that His fragrance is sweet to you.

Bronze Laver

We now reach the bronze laver, a wash basin where the priests would wash there hands and feet before making sacrifices. The laver is in-between the altar and the entrance to the tabernacle. It represents the sea of glass around the throne of God. The glass is like crystal mixed with fire and the four living creatures which are full of eyes are worshipping here passionately forever - “holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!”  How can we come to God when we are so dirty, I can’t even wash myself because that is just my own work. Jesus, I ask you to wash my feet like you washed your disciples in the upper room. Thank you for washing me clean with the water of Your word. Thank you for cleansing me of all unrighteousness so i am able to have fellowship with you.  Now our “bodies have been washed with pure water ”(Hebrews 10:22)  and we can draw nearer - come on, lets draw close to God.

Entering the Tabernacle

We’re getting closer to the entrance of the tabernacle, but don’t you think the leather covering of His ’dwelling place’ looks rather dull? There is no beauty there that we should desire Him - Jesus truly has to be entered for His wonder to be known. Let’s enter through the entrance of blue, scarlet , purple and white. As we go through the door into His dwelling place the inner covering of the Holy Place  launches at us with pure marvel. All of our senses are struck with awe, the flicker of the lampstand, the powerful scent of the incense, the heaviness of  His holiness and the eloquent whispering of His still small silence. The innermost covering is ablaze with color, Cherubim dancing on the walls in an intricate swirl of pattern - be still and know that I am God.

The Lampstand

To our left the flickering light is amplified from the lampstand , shining forth powerfully with it’s seven lamps.  The lamp was to burn continually so the priests would keep it full with oil. We should be filled continuously with the Holy Spirit to keep our fire burning within and light shining away - the light is the light of Christ, we become the light of the Lord, I pray for the light to expose, to fill , for Christ to shine through me to the world.

The Showbread 

As we walk through the Holy place we pass the table of showbread on the right.  It has some bread on which is flat and thin  - they were placed into two rows of six and renewed every Sabbath. Jesus is the bread of life, He becomes our sustenance, our life. We are just a branch and without Him we can do nothing.

The Altar of Incense 

At the altar of incense I fall on my face, I know you hear every word of my prayer - “let my prayer be set before you as incense the lifting of the hands as the evening sacrifice.” (psalm 141:2) I don’t want to give external sacrifices but internal obedience - I need your grace for that. I have no sacrifice to give you, I just desire mercy from You. It’s not about what I do but what  you are doing on the inside - mold me for I am just clay. You don‘t want our works but just us, we come just as we are - teach me to pray and to be open in front of You, show us who we are in You. I have nothing , we open our hands and there is nothing there. We give you these hands that we are lifting up and ask you to fill them with all You want.

The Veil

As we raise our head and open our eyes we see the veil. Look, the veil which was concealing the Holiest of All has been torn in two. Thank you for breaking your body for us. Jesus You are the way and we come to you. Jesus You are the door into the presence of God and we enter You. Thank you for your body which you broke for us. You are the bread from heaven. Thank you for Your blood which allows us to enter the Holiest of Holy and come directly to God.

The Holiest of All

God calls you into His presence, into the holiest of all - “I have drawn you with cords of love” (Hosea 11:3) - come to Him, we get to go, the holiest, and we get to live there  forever, your Father calls, Jesus is here - you have been placed in heavenly places, walk in His light.

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